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Make your decisions about running Maze Green Yachts by altering the values in the drop-down boxes below as appropriate. Once you have made all your decisions, click on the Run button at the bottom of the page.


Yacht Prices
Increase or cut the prices of your yachts by this percentage. [more]
Promotion and Advertising
Spending on advertising and promotion, excluding staff costs. [more]

Production and Investment

Sales Targets
Change the number of boats you attempt to sell during the period. [more]
Increasing investment will help labour productivity. [more]

Wages and Salaries

Wage Rates: Production Workers
Increasing wage rates will help labour morale, and hence productivity and recruitment. [more]
Wage Rates: Marketing and Admin Workers
Increasing these will improve morale, and help recruitment. [more]


Employment Levels: Production Workers
You'll need to adjust production workers to match likely sales. [more]
Employment Levels: Marketing and Admin Workers
Hiring more backroom staff will help marketing your yachts, and help the firm to run more efficiently. [more]